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Dear Prudence: I’m desperately in love with my twin sister

Date: 2018-05-04 22:28

Well here goes my story I was in love with this girl for 7 years and she cheated on me in July she has the night shift as a caregiver I asked her to marry me 8 years ago and we did it was great I thought everything was well but then come July she started telling me things like I don 8767 t love u anymore I can see you don 8767 t appreciate me anymore I would do everything for this girl and showed ur love and affection all the time then I was arrested and thrown in jail for a failure to appear I was in there for 7 weeks and when I came out she was still giving me the same story I started telling myself dos I really fuck up am I really not showing her these emotions she 8767 s asking for plain and simple she was talking to some guy on a app called pof (plenty of fish) that brain washed her and she slept with him. I confronted her because I felt weird on the way she was acting so I pretty much snatched her phone and read a message saying this (I think I made a mistake I 8767 m trying to forget you but it 8767 s hard I feel confused if I made the right choice) I said what 8767 s this she said it 8767 s just a guy I was talking to. So me being a man fucking calls this guy and tell him be a fucking man and tell he did and said that if I left her that he would be with her so I said fuckit keep the bitch. She starts crying and heads to work I text her while she 8767 s at work and tells me she wants him and I say ok but were gonna talk in the morning when u get home she said ok but that 8767 s she 8767 s gonna pick up her things and leave to him. I was even more pissed to hear that so I created a fucking master plan when she got home I asked her to do it for the last time she said ok so I recorded it and fucking went crazy with it then while she was a king her shit I called him and told him what I had done and sent him the video he dumped her ass and she suddenly became homeless but I said fuckit keep the apartment I 8767 ll leave and I did couple months later she calls me crying that if I can give her another chance but *censored* did she know that I was already with someone else her friend but I did feel bad on the action I took on her and am recently slowly talking to her but now the issue is that she found out that I was fucking her friend and is always asking me about her how I did it were I took her shit like that I just don 8767 t know cuz I was hurt even tho all the shit I did to ruin her happiness was because she ruined something that I thought was real I just don 8767 t know if I should continue with her I left things alone with the guy she was with but its like now she can 8767 t leave things alone with her idk I 8767 m confused

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I cheated on my boyfriend of 6 years. I was lost.. we weren 8767 t cmmunicating effectively and I was hurt that he hadn 8767 t proposed when he said he would. WE were in couples counseling and things were improving but then I got a waitressing job for the sumer before i started my new career. I was in Grad *censored*. I started at this restaurant and the chef swooned me. He was a pig. I fell for it. It was so nice to feel attractive, desired, special.. I didn t see he was just a loser taking advantage of my vulnerable state due to the lack of time becasue of *censored* and my failure to communicate in a clear way with my boyfriend causing me to assume things and tell myself he didn 8767 t really love or want me. I cheated..i slept with the other guy 8 times. After 6 weeks, the night before i was about to start my new job I told my boyfriend I was moving out becasue I cheated on him. He had a no cheating policy. He was devastated. Shocked. So was I I don t know how i did what i did. WHo i was then.. I truly don 8767 t. He is such a good man and we had such a beautiful bond. He wound up proposing to me a week later. I challemnged him. Told him i thought it was becasue he was afraid, that we needed to take things slow and see if we could get past what i di. He tried so hard for months. we were talking about me moving back in we were in couples again, but The other guy would not lewave me alone. he was relentless.. I was still talking to him on occasion, my boyfriend found out.. I stopped talking to him finally but he had made me question everything. Telling me my man could never trust me and would never be happy again.. I was such a fool I finally told him to leave me alone, but at that point my boyfriends pain and anger set in and he said he was done. That I broke his heart. That he oculd never forgive me becasue he doesnt understand how i was capable of what i did. I don 8767 t know how i was either.. I am so sad. I don 8767 t know how this happened. He told me he will always love me but not to wait for him when I told him i didn 8767 t want to give up, that I would wait for him.. he is sleeping with a woman now. It 8767 s been 7 full months since he told me it was over. We have a *censored* bit of contact. Most recently he told me he doesn 8767 t think i understand how badly my 8775 mistake 8776 hurt him.. I asked him to please share with me what this has done to him.. He said he didn 8767 t want to talk right then.. I love this man more then anyone i have ever loved in my entire life. We had issues, but I need to get him back. I don 8767 t know what to do. Should I give him space? HE is very guarded and private person. Quiet. Afraid of initmacy.. I burned him.. Badly.. I don 8767 t know how i did this Im scared the more space I give the farther away he will go.. I was in such a low place before I did what I did.. I have been working on myself in therapy and am back to church. I need another chance. What should I do?

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Hi Christie , hope someone can help with my decision. After 65 years together and lots of family and financial problems my partner decides he needs space. Says he loves me but is not in love with me. Says it 8767 s not me but him. Accepted that and living separately. Found his profile on dating website. Just played it cool. After confronting him upset, realised faults on both sides and agreed to be just friends for now and who knows what will happen. We had a holiday prebooked to Hawaii and still went together and both had the best holiday ever. We always get along so well when it 8767 s just the 7 of us. After that, we caught up every fortnight for a meal or Sunday brekky to catch up on things and he came over for family functions. But I struggled with the whole friends thing and had an idea he was seeing someone so I called him to catch up telling him I wanted to talk. I explained everything I was feeling and that I understood he needed his space but that I was having a hard time dealing with it. He then told me he had been seeing someone for a few times. Nothing serious yet and that she knows about me and is aware that he is not going to stop catching up with me whenever he wants and that he still loves me but just can 8767 t be with me right now. Says that when he thinks about short term that 8767 s how he feels but when he thinks of long term future all he can picture is me. We then spent the next hour kissing, passionately, cuddling and would have been a whole lot more if I hadn 8767 t stopped him. We left on great terms and I said I needed some time to get my self right and that I wouldn 8767 t be contacting him as much for a while. 9 weeks later he asks me out for Sunday lunch and we have a great time catching up on and kiss and hug goodbye, but every time we catch up, I miss him again. So I tell him that night that I can 8767 t do the friends thing anymore, it 8767 s just too hard,and I font think I can see him anymore. He is sad that he has hurt me so but understands and wishes me every happiness and hopes we can be friends again one day. Since then I found out 7 weeks earlier he had introduced the new girlfriend to his sister. That sounds more serious. I still miss him every day and it is hard to move on. Of course I think we are meant to be together and this phase will pass. Have I done the wrong thing by not being friends anymore. Has it lessened my chances of any glimmer of hope of him every coming back. His daughter is coming down to stay for Xmas and wants to stay with me as we 8767 ll for a couple of days which is great because I 8767 ve pretty much raised her and she 8767 s like my daughter. But that means I will no doubt see him at dome point send I just don 8767 t know what to do or how yo handle this situation. Is he just playing me for a fool, feeling guilty or genuinely confused or is this a midlife crisis and hopefully he 8767 ll see the grass isn 8767 t that greener on the other side or have I lost hi. Forever and I need to forget him and move on. Please help me. All advise would be greatly appreciated especially from a mans point of view as well. thank you all in advance for your help.

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